What is RayForce?Edit

RayForce is a vertical scrolling shooting style arcade game released by Taito in 1994. It was titled as "Gunlock" in Europe, and it was renamed "Layer Section" (in Japan) or "Galactic Attack" (in North America and Europe) in Sega Saturn. It was later ported to Windows and iOS as well. (in 2017, iOS app was updated and also ported to Android.)

Is it true that RayForce is most beautiful and impressive? Seeing is believing. Please watch the video of playing RayForce and see its dramatic effects by music and visuals.

レイフォース ~ Rayforce (Gunlock Layer Section) - ALL Clear 8,011,400

レイフォース ~ Rayforce (Gunlock Layer Section) - ALL Clear 8,011,400

Rayforce's story? No, No!! Edit

See HISTORY, and we say loudly you should know there was no "official" story when RayForce was released!!

Articles Edit

There are now five articles about RayForce.

The former four are translations from "RAYFORCE MISSION DATA FILE", the latter one is written by Kochab, one of us.

    This is the background of RayForce, but not the story. There are as many stories as there are players' imagination.
    Details about the mission. This shows why the white fleets are completely destroyed at last of Area 2.
    A lot of settings about the game. With this article, please enjoy RayForce as well thought-out Sci-Fi.
  • C.L.S.
    C.L.S. is one of the most important keyword. It makes the world of RayForce more interesting.
  • Ray that is inherited
    A original side story inspired by the settings of C.L.S.. Tragic, but hopeful.
    This is a fruit of free imagination about the world of RayForce.

Please enjoy!