This is the translations of "RAYFORCE MISSION DATA FILE", original setting material of RayForce.

Of cource we know well about RayCrisis, but it's just a retro-continuity. When RayForce was released, this was one and only material with which we could imagine the world of RayForce. At that time there were as many stories as there are players' imagination. We still believe so, but now many people don't have any doubts about that only the story of RayCrisis is the background of RayForce. We think RayCrisis as one of possibilities of the world of RayForce, and with our imagination we have different answer for that (someday we will write about that...future work).

Anyway please read these articles below carefully and try to imagine your original story of RayForce.

    This is the background of RayForce, but not the story. There are as many stories as there are players' imagination.
    Details about the mission. This shows why the white fleets are completely destroyed at last of Area 2.
    A lot of settings about the game. With this article, please enjoy RayForce as well thought-out Sci-Fi.
  • C.L.S.
    C.L.S. is one of the most important keyword. It makes the world of RayForce more interesting.